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Designing Courses: Surface, Deep and Strategic Learning (13’16”)

This short lecture covers the essential details of deep, surface and strategic learning as described by Marton & Säljö. (1976). It invites the watcher to reflect on their own strategies (as a learner) and those of their students. Simon then goes on to suggest five considerations from a course designers perspective.

Marton, F., & Säljö, R. (1976). On Qualitative Differences in Learning: I—Outcome and Process*. British Journal of Educational Psychology, 46(1), 4–11.

These resources from 2013-2017 are being shared to support colleagues new to teaching online in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic. Consultancy for International Higher Education from Simon Paul Atkinson

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About Simon Paul Atkinson

30 Years as an academic practitioner, educational developer, educational technologist, e-learning researcher, strategic advisor. Simon is now an Educational Strategst and Consultant. Experienced presenter and workshop facilitator. Formerly the Head of Learning Design at the Open Polytechnic of New Zealand. Previous roles included Associate Dean for Teaching and Learning (BPP University), Academic Developer (London School of Economics), Director of Teaching and Learning (Massey University - College of Education), Head of Centre for Learning Development (University of Hull), Academic Developer (Open University UK)

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