POISE Resources for Faculty

This page provides some resources for faculty to use with their students. they are intended to be simple and useful tools to support an effective orientation to study. These resources are for those who want to engage their students in a meaningful dialogue about epistemological beliefs, about their ‘values’ in learning and teaching. It is these fundamental beliefs that determine the success or failure of many students.

Faculty are encouraged to read the Scholarship pages to understand the conceptual background to the resources used and the POISE questions being asked.

These resources are not intended to contain lots of detail about supporting international students. There are plenty of web-based generic resources available (see the home page) and there will be local, institution specific, needs reflected in policy documents and induction guides.

These resources are for those who want to engage their students in a meaningful dialogue about epistemological beliefs, about ‘values’ in learning and teaching.

Working with a Tutor Group

Here is a simple activity using a single handout – that can be used to initiate a conversation about any, or all, of the five POISE themes. This will highlight for students their own beliefs and begin to give them an appreciation of the differences among their peers. It also provides the tutor with an excellent insight into their collective approach to learning.

For classes where pre-work is an essential component, this is a very valuable conversation to have early in the learning experience. In particular, students can be guided to discuss the question “Who is responsible for my learning?” and you may consider asking them to watch the videos on that page of this site and discuss them.

This can work as an effective ice-breaker activity. Early in the academic year, or at the beginning of your encounter with a given cohort of students, assign them into groups or pairs, use whatever approach to small group tasks you plan to use throughout the year so students are familiar with your approach.

Ask the students to discuss with each other these five questions, or focus their attention on just one question, as suits your requirements.

Click on the image to get the handout.POISE-Questions for Students

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