Pace: Is hard work enough?

Here are three conversations about whether learning is quick and easy! Sometimes it seems you either ‘get it’ or you don’t. Have a listen to what these students think. Do you agree?
(Video transcripts can be downloaded here as PDF)
I don’t think I’ll ever get this, it’s too hard…

Study Skills can help you develop over time and make the most of your learning. it can seem very hard, sometimes impossible, but with good study skills you can support your own learning

I don’t think activities are explained very well …

Working together is intended to help learners to find their own language to describe and explore their learning. In working with others they make meanings that are personal and relevant to them.

I just want to pass the exam!

It is quite natural that you want to pass your assessments. But it is also necessary to learn where the answers come from and how they are applied so that in real world situations your learning can be applied. After all, the world isn’t a set of multiple choice questions.

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