Simon Paul Atkinson (2018)

My research and scholarship continue to revolve around developing frameworks and models to support academic engagement with technology and academic practice. These include:

  • representations of Circular Taxonomies of Educational Objectives. This is using a series of nested three circles to represent the design of learning, from the higher level active verbs to a ‘menu’ of active verbs to define the learning activity and an outer series of suggested evidence forms.
  • the SOLE Learning Design model & toolkit – the creation of academic development materials and embedded pedagogy in desktop applications to support a learning design process designed to optimise student workload and generate advanced organisers.
  • the DiAL-e Framework (Digital Artifacts for Learner Engagement), a research practice based project led by Kevin Burden from the University of Hull. This work was presented as a REF2014 Impact Case Study: The Use of Digital Video in Transforming Teaching and Learning from a Subject Based to an Interdisciplinary Approach.
  • the 3V Model – an exploration of emerging technologies through at the intersections of virtuality, veracity and values (also developed in association with Kevin Burden).
  • the POISE framework – a structured approach to working with different student’s personal epistemologies in their orientation to learning at the tertiary level; particularly, but not exclusively, aimed at international students. (Developed as part of an HEA Change Academy Project)
  • PhD research (2019) explored the nature of adult learning support in heritage sites in a final thesis entitled “Recoding Heritage Sites as Non-Formal Learning Institutions: enabling the self-directed adult learner

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