Presentations and Conferences, Keynotes and Webinars
Presentations and Conferences, Keynotes and Webinars

Conference Keynotes

2077: The Future of Learning Design (April 2009)

Closing conference keynote for “Schools: from teaching places to learning spaces” in Tartu at the Estonian e-Universities Conference 2009. A slightly tongue-in-cheek (light-hearted) and ‘foresight’ orientated presentation that tries to unpack the uncertainty and make the unknown acceptable. The presentation suggests some broad social trends which will have some impact on education at all levels and invites participants to recognize change and imagine how the life of a future colleague may involve new spaces for learning, new patterns of instruction and new disciplines or themes for learning.


Giving Up Control: the Future of e-Learning (October 2007)

Conference Keynote at the opening of the national e-learning centre. The presentation defines the ‘e’ in e-learning as something seen very differently by institutions, staff and students and concludes that the real ‘e’, to ’empower’ requires Universities to ‘get out of the way’ of learners and stop trying to lock them into an institutional Virtual Learning Environment. SRCE Conference Website

Refereed Conference Presentations

  • December 2015 – ascilite2015 – Using Learning Design to Unleash the Power of Learning Analytics.
  • August 2011 – 27th Annual Conference on Distance Teaching and Learning – University of Madison-Wisconsin:
      • DiAL-e Workshop (with Kevin Burden)
      • SOLE Model Information Session
      • SOLE Model VideoShare Presentation
  • July 2010 – European LAMS & Learning Design Conference – Oxford University UK – Putting the SOLE into Higher Education
  • November 2009 – (EDUCAUSE09 Denver) – Burden, K. & Atkinson, S  – Using Video Resources to Engage and Stimulate Higher Level Thinking
  • October 2009 – (SLOAN-C 2009 Orlando) – Burden, K. & Atkinson, S. – “The DiAL-e framework and Re-usable Designs for Incorporating Multimedia Archives in Online Teaching”
  • September 2009 – (ALT-C 2009 Manchester) — Burden, K. & Atkinson, S – “Developing a transferable learning framework for the use of digital video archives in tertiary education.”
  • December 2008  – (ASCILITE08) Burden, K. & Atkinson, S  -– Evaluating pedagogical affordances of media sharing Web 2.0 technologies: A case study”
  • December 2008  – (ASCILITE08) – Burden, K. & Atkinson, S – “The transformative potential of the DiAL-e framework: Crossing boundaries, pushing frontiers”
  • July 2008 – (ED-MEDIA08) – Burden, K. & Atkinson, S. (2008). “Beyond Content: Developing Transferable Learning Designs with Digital Video Archives.”. In Proceedings of World Conference on Educational Multimedia, Hypermedia and Telecommunications 2008 (pp. 4041-4050). Chesapeake, VA: AACE.
  • December 2007 – (ASCILITE07). Atkinson, S & Burden, K – “Virtuality, Veracity and Values: an initial exploration of the space between virtual and real worlds using the 3V model”
  • July 2004 – (PCF04) Pan Commonwealth Open Learning Forum, Dunedin, NZ – Heal Thyself – Effective E-Learning
  • December 2001 – EducaBerlin –Re-Tooling-Online-Getting-More-for-Less (Visual Metaphors in Virtual Learning Environments).

Invited Presentations & Workshops

  • May 2015 – Epistemological Foundations Matter: POISE – workshop at SEDA Spring Conference on Internationalism – Manchester
  •  April 2013 –  Teaching with multimedia – Invited Contribution to module ‘Learning with New Technologies’ University of Hull
  • February 2013 – HEA Internationalisation Workshop – Newman University (UK) : Introduction to POISE
  • June 2012   – ‘Considering Qualitative Research Software’  – School of Museum Studies, University of Leicester (with Ceri Jones).
  • May 2011 – LTD2011 –  Presentation: Lecturing and Rhetoric – London School of Economics
  • April 2011 – ALDinHE – Workshop: Engaging Students with Digital Artefacts (DiAL-e) – Queen’s University Belfast
  • December 2010 – 2nd National e-Learning Day – Invited webinar (Adobe Connect): Developing existing and new academic staff to integrate e-learning into their practice – Croatian National e-Learning Centre, Zagreb
  • April 2010 – DEANZ 2010 – Presentation: SOLE Learning Design Model and Student Workload
  • July 2009 – Teacher Educator Forum Aotearoa New Zealand 2009 Conference – Presentation:“Learning Technologies in Teacher Education: What is Changing? What is Not?” (with Dr Ben Kehrwald and Dr Panos Vlachopoulos) – Massey University NZ
  • July 2009 – European LAMS & Learning Design Conference – Open University UK
  • June 2009 – JISC Digitisation Conference 2009 DiAL-e Framework & Engagement for Learning – (with Kevin Burden) UK
  • April 2009 – Estonian e-University Conference 2009 (Tartu) Digital Artefacts for Learner Engagement the current state of Learning Object Repositories.
  • November 2008 – University of Technology Sydney (Centre for Research in Learning & Change) “The DiAL-e Framework: Using Digital Artifacts to Enhance Student Learning” (with Kevin Burden)
  • December 2007 – (ASCILITE07) – Workshop: ‘Are you prepared for the YouTube generation? Using digital video archives to develop independent thinkers and independent learners in higher education’ (with Kevin Burden)
  • November 2007 – (SWAP) Social Work and Social Policy HEA Subject Centre – ‘Exploring the concept of identity and meaning-making in the space between the virtual and real worlds’
  • September 2007 – Teaching & Learning with the Newsfilms Online Archive – JISC Project Workshops (with Kevin Burden) (London, Glasgow  & York)
  • December 2006 – University of Hull Christmas Lecture: “The future of e-Learning”
  • November 2006 – Normanby Gateway Business Incubator – Scunthorpe, Lincolnshire – ‘The future of eLearning’
  • February 2005 – Institute for Women, Gender and Development Studies – Egerton University, Kenya – British Council sponsored five day workshop – Capacity Building for Distance Learning and e-Learning Development
  • December 2004 – CARNet – Croatian Academic Research Network – Two day workshop on ‘Online Learning’
  • July 2004 – Alexander Turnbull Library Staff Presentation – National Library of New Zealand – Review of Commonwealth Open and Distance Education Conference
  • July 2004 – Victoria University of Wellington – Professional Development Series
    • Lecture – eLearning Models: Good, Best or Better Practice,
    • Lecture – eLearning Management and Implementation: Local Battles and World Wars
    • Development Seminar – eTutoring: avoiding idle chatter
    • Development Seminar – Action Research and the Reflective Practitioner
  • March 2003 – UK Science Enterprise Council E-Learning Seminar (Warwick University) – “Thinking outside the rectangle: Enterprising thinking styles for e-learning”
  • December 2003 –Institute for Educational Technology (Open University) – eLearning@hull – “turf wars in eLearning”
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