Supportive interventions in the form of strategic reviews or online workshops for professional development are available.

Workshops are usually intended to support institutions’ own capacity building efforts for flexible distance and online delivery. All sessions are tailored to meet the unique context of institutional, regional or national strategies for learning design and academic educational development.

Strategic reviews range from researching, assessing and reporting on existing or developing institutional approach to the changing nature of learning. Recent reviews have been completed for Arden University (UK) and for Charles Darwin University (AUS).

University level work includes working internationally with colleagues such as the Institute or Women, Gender and Development Studies – Egerton University, Kenya entitled ‘Capacity Building for Distance Learning and e-Learning Development’ (funded by British Council), and as part of formal projects as with a keynote address as part of the Croatian National e-Learning Project EQIBELT (TEMPUS).

If I can help you or your institution in any way please get in contact.

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