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There are a number of different forms of consultancy support available:

  • In-house Workshops - available at your institution
    • (1) University Module and Programme Design and Curriculum Development
    • (2) Capacity Development for Online Learning & Teaching
  • (3) Remote Programme or Course Reviews and Guidance

Remote Programme or Course Reviews and Guidance

Who is it for? Not every institution has a network of external reviewers and not all external reviewers are necessarily experienced in the intricacies of constructive alignment. In these cases, you may benefit from an 'external viewpoint'. This consultancy support ordinarily does not require a site visit, which dramatically reduces costs. Prices will vary according to where in the world the programme is delivered. See Review and Guidance Prices here

Simon Atkinson has been offering educational consultancy services, advice and guidance in the area of e-learning, learning design and academic educational development since 2000. Simon has focussed on his experience in tertiary education to offer workshops, seminars and interventions primarily intended to support institutions own capacity building efforts for flexible, distance and on-line delivery. All sessions are tailored to meet the unique context of institutional, regional or national strategies for learning design and academic educational development. Simon's focus is on tailored workshops and professional development programmes for learning & teaching staff, across all disciplines, preparing to develop and support learning in increasingly mixed, or blended, modes of delivery.

Simon's University level work includes working internationally with colleagues such as the Institute or Women, Gender and Development Studies – Egerton University, Kenya entitled ‘Capacity Building for Distance Learning and e-Learning Development’ (funded by British Council), and as part of formal projects as in the case of a keynote address as part of the Croatian National e-Learning Project EQIBELT (TEMPUS). He also supported the development for proposals for online development for part-time Fire-fighters for NZ Fire Service.

In direct support of his own scholarship agenda, he ran a series of workshops over 2006-2009 (with Kevin Burden) on the effective use of digital artefacts, principally video, in tertiary education as part of a JISC funded project entitled the DiAL-e. Simon has also more recently developed a framework for evaluating students orientation to learning in UK Universities entitled the POISE, a means of establishing the epistemological foundations of new entrants.

If I can help you or your institution in any way please get in contact.

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