DiAL-e Conferences

Conference Presentations

27th Annual Conference on Distance Teaching and Learning,
University of Wisconsin-Madison, August 2011

Estonian e-Universities Conference, April 2009

Presentation as part of the Reusable Learning Objects Session at the Conference April 2nd 2009. The audience for this presentation were largely technologists and programmers.

ASCILITE Conference, Melbourne, December 2008

Burden, K. & Atkinson, S. (2008) The Transformative Potential of the DiAL-e Framework: Crossing Boundaries, Pushing Frontiers, Proceedings ascilite Melbourne 2008.

JISC-UK Innovating e-Learning online conference, October 2008
Online Conference. Overview of the DiAL-e

EDMEDIA Conference, Vienna, July 2008

Burden, K. & Atkinson, S. (2008). “Beyond Content: Developing Transferable Learning Designs with Digital Video Archives.”. In Proceedings of World Conference on Educational Multimedia, Hypermedia and Telecommunications 2008 (pp. 4041-4050). Chesapeake, VA: AACE.

 ASCILITE Conference, Singapore, December 2007

Burden, K. & Atkinson, S. (2007). Jumping on the YouTube bandwagon? Using digital video clips to develop personalised learning strategies. In ICT: Providing choices for learners and learning. Proceedings ascilite Singapore 2007.

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