DiAL-e Resources

Introduction to DiAL-e Templates (April 2009)
The following VoiceThread Presentation is an introductions to DiAL-e Templates produced for a variety of projects using the DiAL-e framework: https://voicethread.com/share/450451/


Presentation was given at EDUCAUSE 20090 Denver on the use of video resources to engage and stimulate high-level thinking (Kevin Burden and Simon Atkinson)

Presentation made to the JISC Summer Digital conference June 2009 (Burden & Atkinson) and to the Estonian e-Universities Conference held in Tartu, Estonia in April 2009 (Atkinson)

Overview of the DiAL-e in its final iteration May 2008

Overview of the DiAL-e Framework presented at ASCILITE 2007 held in Singapore

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