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6. Learning and Teaching Activities

Designing Engaging Learning Opportunities

The third element in a constructively aligned course design is the learning activities that allow students to prepare for the assessment of their learning outcomes. This workshop is not about the content that we share with our students, it is about how we do that. Some modules will require a good deal of knowledge to be acquired by novice learners and a set-text and discursive seminars may be the appropriate strategy. Could we use one-minute papers, 'Pecha Kucha', lightning talks, and other techniques to secure student engagement? Alternatively, we might be designing a more advanced module in which a discovery learning approach is more appropriate. Could we use enquiry based learning models here instead, asking our students to prepare to take a debate position, run a Moot or team-based discussion? The important thing in this workshop is that we are developing a strategy and practical approaches that build on our design, not seeking innovation for innovation's sake.

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