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The DiAL-e Framework project has been developing since 2006 from a collaboration between two principal investigators, Kevin Burden (right: k.j.burden(at) and Simon Paul Atkinson (spa(at)

Simon Atkinson and Kevin Burden
Simon Atkinson and Kevin Burden

Professor Kevin Burden
The University of Hull
I work at the University of Hull where I am a Reader in Educational Technology and am responsible for Post-graduate professional Development, working with teachers across our region, nationally and internationally. I have worked at the University since 1995 and before that I taught history in various secondary schools across England. My first degree and Masters degree were both in modern history, at Lancaster University and The Institute for Education (London) respectively.

Kevin Burden
Kevin Burden

Since working at the University I have worked on, and directed, a number of different technology related projects. My interest lies in exploring how the technologies we are beginning to work with in educational settings affect the traditional pedagogical patterns that educationalists have worked with for so long. I am particularly interested in the different ways educators conceptualise the possibilities (and drawbacks) of technology, and enjoy working on projects in this field.

Along with a small team based at the University of Hull I have recently completed a string of projects which all focus on the use and re-use of digital resources for teaching and learning. The growing popularity of media rich resources is a field I am interested in exploring. Along with Simon Atkinson, I have started to conceptualise how these types of resources can be used in teaching and learning, and especially in post-compulsory settings. The DiAL-e framework is the result of many discussions and explorations trying to consider how we can encourage educators to engage with these new resources and tools in ways which challenge and stimulate students.

It is not uncommon to see really exciting resources used in very uninspiring or motivating ways and we hope the framework will provide a basis for greater discussion and practice as educators start to become more familiar with non text resources.

Finally, in my spare time I enjoy playing golf although this is an increasingly rare event. I have a young(ish) family and they take up most of my spare time at the moment! I am trying to complete my PhD and publish more work around this fascinating area.

Simon Paul Atkinson

BPP University of Professional Studies (UK)

Full CV Profile and contact details on

I am the Associate Dean of Learning & Teaching (Teaching Enhancement) with BPP University and Principal Fellow of the Higher Education Academy. My role is to support the quality enhancement of learning & teaching in multiple modes at a time of rapid programme expansion.

Simon Paul Atkinson
Simon Paul Atkinson

Previously I worked at the London School of Economics and Political Science as an Educational Developer (Academic Staff Development) with the Teaching and Learning Centre, supporting the PGCertHE programme, providing practical postgraduate education in learning and teaching in Higher Education. I was formerly the Strategic e-Learning Advisor and Director of Learning and Teaching in the College of Education - Massey University New Zealand. My role involved working with colleagues across the College to develop and enhance the delivery and support of learning opportunities which make use of educational technologies.

Having worked with academic and general staff across a broad range of disciplines in several Universities in different countries I am intrigued as to various ways in which individuals conceive of their own practice. My interest is in exploring how individuals re-evaluate their practice, find the motivation, will and courage to try new things; and the different ways we, as educational developers and technologists can support them. The changing ways in which knowledge is created, stored and shared is having a profound impact on our institutions and the roles of people employed in those institutions. This change is something I am keen to work with and, along with my colleague Kevin Burden, have begun to search for ways to focus the planning of pedagogical engagements (learning designs) around the activity of the learner is using digital resources.

I joined Massey in September 2008 from my role as Acting Director of the Learning & Teaching Support Unit at the University of Hull, United Kingdom where I was formally Head of the Centre for Learning Development, and Head of e-Learning. I have also worked at the Institute for Educational Technology (Open University-UK) 2001-2003, and the Centre for Continuing Education (VUW-NZ) 1999-2001.

I have a first degree in Religious Studies with Education and a Masters in European Studies as well as a Postgraduate Certificate in Teaching & Learning in Higher Education from the Open University - UK

I have a passion for contemporary arts and photography, love to travel and am fascinated by eastern philosophical thought. I am married to Jeanette, a heritage professional, who persists in trying to raise my 'cultural aspirations'.

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