DiAL-e Workshops

Workshops can be arranged on request. If you have an archive or object repository and are looking for ways to support its use you may consider the DiAL-e Framework.

The project has run a large number of developmental workshops while developing and refining the DiAL-e framework. Typically each workshop lasts a full day (although it can be shortened) and participants are encouraged to think creatively outside of their own subject area in order to come up with new designs and examples for supporting teaching and learning with digital resources. The DiAL-e framework forms the core for this engagement and many participants have subsequently used it themselves in their own institutions. If you wish to use the framework yourself please acknowledge the authors and their copyright.

Unfortunately the JISC has removed a range of outputs from the project from their servers so links may be dead. Where possible these have been identified and we’ve removed the links.


  • BPP Learning and Teaching Showcase 23 April 2013


  • 27th Annual Conference on Distance Teaching and Learning, Wisconsin-Madison, August 3-5 2011
  • ALDinHE, Belfast, April 2011
  • Exploring ICT in Education Conference, Qatar, April 2011

Australasia – November 2008

  • DiAL-e Framework Overview: Presentations at the Massey University VC Symposiums (Simon Atkinson) – November 12th (Auckland), 13th (Wellington) and 14th (Palmerston North) – New Zealand
  • DiAL-e Framework: Beyond Content; Massey University CADeL Workshop (Kevin Burden & Simon Atkinson) 24th November – Palmerston North – New Zealand
  • Digital Artefacts for Learner Engagement: University of Technology Sydney (Kevin Burden & Simon Atkinson) 28th November – Sydney – Australia


  • London (JISC Phase II digitisation manager’s workshop), June 2008
  • Manchester (JISC, RSC managers workshop), May 2008


  • Singapore, December 2007
  • Glasgow, October 2007
  • York, September 2007
  • London, September 2007

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