Learning Design Services

Programme and Course Design and Review Services

Who is it for?

  • Institutions that do not have in-house design experience or want an external perspective.
  • Institutions that do not have a network of external reviewers.
  • Anyone who will benefit from an ‘external viewpoint’.
  • This consultancy support ordinarily does not require a site visit, which dramatically reduces costs.

Services include:

Full curriculum design

With scalability in mind many institutions have identified the need to design programmes and courses independently of the faculty that are expected to support the learners through their learning. Externally designed programmes are less subject to the upheaval when faculty move on and are better aligned to the graduate attributes set by the institution.

Engagement can range from designing entire programmes and courses:

Structural elements

  • Adapting graduate attributes, professional expectations and requirements to form well-structured programme learning outcomes (PLO)
  • Coherence tables for PLOs and course level intended learning outcomes (ILOs)
  • Assessment strategies, assessment design rubrics, assessment tasks and marking schedules

Learning Design

  • Aligning institutional learning models (or identifying one) and creating the learner journey to ensure constructive alignment is maintained.

Programme and validation documentation

  • Localised documentation that meets quality assurance guidelines

Learning content within any given virtual learning environment

  • Teaching and learning content can be designed for those projects where all the previous steps have been carried out by me. This allows institutions to be able to facilitate learning around a core set of resources.
  • (Some disciplines and professional contexts are excluded.)


Review and Guidance

You may already have a complete set of documentation that requires external review before internal validation at your institution.

You will be required to send all supporting documents (Institutional Handbooks, General Academic Regulations, Teaching and Assessment Policies, Quality Assurance Guidelines), either as PDF (no hard copy) or accessible web links. I will then align the programme with international best practice using the 8-stage learning design model and provide detailed guidance.

If I can help you or your institution in any way please get in contact.