Writing Good Learning Outcomes and Objectives

Book Cover for Writing Good Learning Outcomes and ObjectivesOctober 2022

ISBN: 978-0-473-65792-5 (pbk)
ISBN: 978-0-473-65793-2 (Kindle)
ISBN: 978-0-473-65794-9 (PDF)
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Writing Good Learning Outcomes and Objectives: Short guide to creating well-structured intended learning outcomes that ensure effective course designs

A guide is designed for all faculty and learning designers, instructional designers, and anyone constructing formal curricula. It is designed to be read through from beginning to end and still serve as a kind of handbook. It is subdivided into chapters which address a particular facet of the design process using learning outcomes. It is imagined that individual collections of pages are likely to appear as part of institutions’ faculty development programmes within the bounds of fair practice for educational purposes, but it has been priced to allow for each faculty member to have their own copy, and I request that colleagues acknowledge the authorship wherever cited.

The principles apply to all teachers regardless of the discipline or the level, and to most non-formal provision such as non-credit-bearing adult learning programmes.

As a short guide (16,000 words) this work is limited to exploring the structure of intended learning outcomes, or ILOs, a broad range of educational domains and their constructive alignment to assessment and to their associated learning and teaching activities. The subject of intended learning outcomes represents stage four of my eight-stage learning design framework. Other stages feature in other volumes.

Accompanying Resources

Taxonomy Circles covering five educational domains:

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Reviewing Problematic Learning Outcomes

You have the opportunity to submit some of your course, or programme, outcomes for a professional review. Reviews of Intended Learning Outcomes (ILO) will be shared on my YouTube channel. You will be emailed a link if your outcomes are chosen for review. All identifiers are removed. This means I will not use your name or your institution’s name in my review.

See existing reviews on my YouTube Channel or directly by accessing the playlist.

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