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My name is Dr Simon Paul Atkinson. I’m an academic developer, educational technologist, educational strategist, learning designer, teacher and researcher with almost 30 years experience. I have worked for Universities and Polytechnics, both public and private, in both the United Kingdom and New Zealand. It has also been my privilege in my career to have visited and presented or taught in Mexico, Chile, Kenya, Croatia, Australia, United States, Singapore and a number of other countries. I have held senior roles in both educational technology and academic practice.

In these courses, I want to share with you my passion for effective learning design approaches and meaningful academic practices. I believe good learning starts with good design, and I believe good practice is reflective practice. I believe we can all enhance our practices by being reflective practitioners and so I am committed to supporting you to develop your own skills to become a better educator. That is true whether you are a classroom teacher, lecturer, learning support person or instructional designer.

If you have not already watched it, I would recommend that you watch the introductory video entitled “How will Sijen Courses work for me”. This will give you a clear idea of what you can expect.

Let’s begin

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