SOLE Model and DiAl-e Framework Presented at ALDinHE 2011

Simon and Russell
Simon Atkinson and Russel Gurbutt (University of Leeds) discussing e-learning adoption strategies

ALDinHE 2011 was a relatively small professional conference with some 120 colleagues from across a diverse range of UK Higher Education institutions. The theme was “Engaging Students – Engaging Learning” although, with some noticeable exceptions, much of the conference was concerned primarily with the challenges we face as educational (or academic) developers.

There was a lot of discussion about ‘teaching’ to engage students but too little emphasis for me on the designing in the learning the engagement we say we expect. Still, it was a useful and interesting opportunity to get reacquainted with some former colleagues from the Open University and from the University of Hull.

I had two posters at the conference, a solo effort with the SOLE model (see and download the poster) and a joint effort with Kevin Burden from the University of Hull featuring the DiAL-e framework work we have been doing since 2006.  The workshop ran using a single webpage on the wordpress site so you are welcome to access the workshop resources. The post-conference requests for “your PowerPoint” leave me frustrated!

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