Croatian National e-Learning Event 8th December

I am delighted continue my relationship with colleagues in Croatia at CARNet and at Centar za e-učenje and SRCE. I have been asked to present Webinar on staff ‘integration’ of e-learning in their contemporary practice. The presentation for the Croatian National e-Learning Event on Wednesday 8th December comes at a rather opportune time as I have been writing about the myth of the ‘net-generation’ and the extent to which we are preparing academic staff adequately to work within contemporary expectations.

2005 Workshop at CARNet, Zagreb
2005 Workshop at CARNet, Zagreb

I’ve written a draft presentation entitled: Developing existing and new academic staff to integrate e-learning into their practice that explores the need for each cohort of academic staff to revision, revitalise and reposition their teaching to suit the appropriate context in which they teach. It therefore becomes less an issue of whether there exists such a thing as a ‘net-generation‘ (I think not) but rather whether they have the reflective skills to enable them to position their practice appropriately and whether there exists learning design models that can support that practice. I cite the SOLE model as one possible approach but others certainly exist.

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