Explanatory Videos about Educational Taxonomies

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Short Video aimed at Instructional Designers

Bloom’s Taxonomy and Intended Learning Outcomes

This short YouTube video (00:24:23) provides a brief overview of Bloom’s Taxonomy and my development of a full range of domains to use for designing intended learning outcomes. An early version of my circular representations are illustrated.

Constructive Alignment and Intended Learning Outcomes

In this YouTube video (00:11:30)  I am outlining to course designers the role of ‘constructive alignment’ and the design of intended learning outcomes. This session is talking about the UK QAA Quality Framework in 2011 but the principles outlined stand.

Video aimed at UK academics in PGCerts

Constructive Alignment for Teaching Activity
Simon Atkinson presents “Constructive Alignment for Teaching Activity”, a fairly detailed 31 minute lecture outlining the UK ‘levels’ framework, constructive alignment and the consequences for activity design.

Learning Objects and Taxonomies

19min 20sec video outlines the use of active verb visualizations to assist in learning outcomes design and asks whether, with appropriate metadata, this could be the basis for a semantic relationship between self-contained Objects of Intended Learning Outcomes.

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