SOLE Toolkit 3.0

Released 24th September 2014

There are a number of changes made to the toolkit in version 3.0.

  • Active Verbs – the terms used to describe the elements of the SOLE Model now uses active verbs to describe each of the elements. This is intended to make them easier for students to understand. So for example ‘Assessment’ becomes ‘Assess’, ‘Personal Context’ becomes ‘Personalize’ and so on. Further explanation of the elements is available here.
  • Predicated Workload – the amount of time the designer anticipates students will spend is now charted.
  • Sequencing activities – the ability to suggest the order in which activities should be tackled. It remains an open approach and so the numbering system (letters, Roman, multiple instances of the same item) is open. It is considered important in the SOLE Model that students should take responsibility for the learning process as so the sequence should  be suggestive or advised.
  • Completion Record – a column has been added to allow students to record whether an activity has been completed alongside indicating the amount of time was actually spent on any given activity.
  • Objectives Met Record – an area is included to allow students to indicate that they believe they have met the objectives for each individual topic/week.

These changes are intended to strengthen the toolkit in using the tutorial support provided to students. The toolkit anticipates that students would complete the toolkit and discuss their progress with their tutor. Clearly a great many of the online learning environments in which blended or distance learning is delivered do have the facility to record student progress. In this case I anticipate that the toolkit would serve purely as a design tool to map on to that existing functionality.


Recommended that you download both files in order to see a fully populated workbook first before interpreting your design in the blank workbook.

Populated MASTER Microsoft Excel Workbook (no Macros or protection) – MASTER Sole v3 (1.2MB)

Blank MASTER Microsoft Excel Workbook (no Macros or protection) – BLANK MASTER Sole v3 ( 1.2MB)

 Please these files have been checked in Open Office and work fine.

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