SOLE Toolkit 3.5

Released 30th May 2015

SOLE Toolkit remains a free, unprotected and macro-free Excel workbook with rich functionality to serve the learning designer. Version 3.5 has two significant enhancements.

Rich visualization of the learning spaces and tools: that students are to engage with in their learning. This provides an alternative, fine-grain, view of the students modes of engagement in their learning. It permits the designer to plan not only for a balance of learning engagement but also a balance of environments and tools. This should allow designers to identify where ‘tool-boredom’ or ‘tool-weariness’ is possibly a danger to learner motivation and to ensure that a range of tools and environments allow students to develop based on their own learning preferences.

Faculty-time calculations in design and facilitating: based on the learning spaces and tools to be used there is now a function to allow programme designers and administrators, as well as designers themselves, to calculate the amount of time they are likely to need to design materials and facilitate learning around those materials.



Recommended that you download both files in order to see a fully populated workbook first before interpreting your design in the blank workbook.

Populated MASTER Microsoft Excel Workbook (no Macros or protection) – MASTER Sole v3.5 (1.2MB)

Blank MASTER Microsoft Excel Workbook (no Macros or protection) –  BLANK Sole v3.5 ( 1.2MB)

 Please these files have been checked in Open Office and work fine.

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