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BPP Innovations Showcase April 2013


Simon Atkinson: 23 April 2013

(all resources posted here will remain after the presentation)

Despite the abundance of digital media and communication tools now available to educators, it remains a challenge to use media effectively to promote learner engagement and higher order thinking skills. This brief , yet interactive, presentation introduces the Digital Artifacts for Learner Engagement (DiAL-e) framework for distance learning design and invites you to consider how you could adapt it to your particular discipline and professional setting.

The presentation suggests digital artifacts from a range of worldwide video archives can be used to develop higher levels of engagement, critical thinking and student independence. It will also suggest how Web 2.0 tools support effective interactions around digital artifacts. Finally, you will develop your own ideas and exemplars for immediate application. 

Activity 1 - Small Group Dialogue

  • Stimulus or Engagement


  • The Story So Far - The Dial-e Framework evolution - JISCEdMediaShare
  • The Framework - Structure and Philosophy

Activity 2 - Think Laterally

Input (only if time allows)

Other Resources

Web 2.0 tools - links

 Online segmenting of YouTube video

Sub-titling and captions:

Finally and for the future: semantic video

Good example: Declaration of Independence

Our own example (Tacoma Bridge)

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