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ALDinHE April 2011

Workshop Structure

Wednesday 20th April 1400-1530

Session 6.3 (Tweet #dialeALD)

Engaging Learners with Digital Resources

Simon Atkinson


This 90 Minute workshop engages colleagues in an exploration of the exciting, innovative and effective deployment of digital resources in Higher Education practice across all disciplines. Participants will use the DiAL-e Framework (Digital Artefacts for Learner Engagement) to experiment with models of student engagement. This framework was initially developed to support academics in tertiary education using video resources to stimulate and engage learners in meaningful and challenging activities as part of a JISC Digitisation programme (2006-08). However, the transformation of perspectives of tertiary teachers towards digital resource based learning is an emerging area of research enquiry. The DiAL-e has demonstrated its transformative potential and continues to serve to illuminate the theoretical and practical guidance around how to use digital video in student engagement led approaches. Tested and validated in a series of workshops with over 100 academics during the academic year 2007-2008, and professional seminars since, the evidence has been that academics shifted their prevailing mindset or perspectives when faced with a 'disorientating dilemma' such as the unfamiliar approach of the DiAL-e framework.  This workshop takes recent developments in the DiAL-e a step further, and provides colleagues with the opportunity to engage in practical learning design scenarios to explore how they might deploy a wealth of digital resources in different disciplines.  Keywords: DiAL-e; engagement; professional development; transformative learning.



1400-1405: Introductions

1405-1425: The DiAL-e Framework and Project

DiAL-e framework 2006-2010
DiAL-e framework 2006-2010

1425-1435: Illustrating the Principle - Inquiry

1435-1455: Workshop Example - Clip (H)

1455-1515: Workshop Example - Clip (EL)

1515-1525: Contexts, applications and next steps

Image of Blooms Taxonomy of Educational Objectives
Aligning to Taxonomy

1525-1530: Resources and Close

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