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MW Information Session 08/2011

Handout - Colour PDF

SOLE PosteFlyer 2011 MW

The Challenge: The Learning Design Context:

  • Blended - Online - Distance
  • Faculty 'traditions'
  • The Academic faculty development challenge
  • Constructive Alignment
  • Conversational Framework
  • 'Toolkits'

The Solution: A Conceptual Model

The Idea:

Back-of-an-envelope idea

A 'Model':

sole model
SOLE Model elements

Implementation: The Toolkit

Toolkit for Staff: Embedded Guidance

Embedded Guidance

Toolkit for Staff: Intentional Learning

Learning Design Overview

Extract illustrating completion of course overview

An Advanced Organiser for Students

Student View: Advanced Organiser

Extract illustrating completion of weekly overview

Transparency and Ownership

Sharing & Dissemination

Latest version of Toolkit V2.2 (master_sole_model_v2-2)

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