Designing Effective Intended Learning Outcomes

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Short course (10-11 hours) covering all facets of the design of effective intended learning outcomes. Covers the use of a full range of educational taxonomies, validation processes, evaluation of outcomes, assessment, and course design implications.


  • This course is intended for new and experienced faculty who are designing or redesigning courses for the first time, and who want to ensure their course design is built on solid foundations.
  • If you are to fully engage with the materials, activities and assignments, you can expect to spend between 10-11 hours on this course.
  • The course includes the opportunity, entirely voluntarily, for you to share your draft intended learning outcomes for me to review and provide you with feedback.
  • This course is based on nearly 30 years worth of in-house and invited workshops run across the world with colleagues from tertiary institutions.
  • This free-form course does not restrict how you engage with the material, you are free to navigate your way through the course as you see fit.
  • You have access for two years after enrollment.
  • The course is available for individuals or for institutions to embed within their academic development programmes. Institutions are invited to contact me here please.

A house is only as stable as the foundations that it is built upon. In the same way, the structure of an entire course, its role within its programme, the appropriateness of its assessment and, the suitability of its learning and teaching activities, all rely on well-structured Intended Learning Outcomes (or ILOs for short). Getting the blueprint of a course right at the outset will make a huge difference to both students and faculty. This course provides a solid foundation to enable you to write effective ILOs for your institutional and professional context. In doing so it will offer you a foundation for more meaningful assessment, and better structured and purposeful learning and teaching activities.



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