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      Please do let me, and the learning community, know what it is you are hoping to achieve on successful completion of this course. What particular local concerns do you have that you are hoping to resolve. Remember not to name individuals or institutions (without permission).

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      Yanev Badan

      I am trying to design two new courses in the aerospace industries. These are University level but being taught in industrial settings so I am really interested in learning more about the psychomotor skills. My ‘students’ are mostly already PhDs and so reluctant to being assessed. I have never been taught how to design courses, colleagues appear to try and reproduce the best if what they have experienced.

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      Monica Ramerez

      ¡Hola! My name is Monica.
      I am an adult trainer in a small English Language center in Mexico. I am looking to develop better courses from the beginning. I have found that I start a course and get half way through before realising something is not in the best order. I hope this course will help me.

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