ENGAGE: Asynchronous Learning Facilitation



Experiencing Online Forums and Discussion

An introduction to using online discussion tools, notably the Moodle Forums

Engaging and Intervening

In this unit, we are going to explore the ways in which you can engage students as a facilitator through your behaviour in the online environment. We will also look at the times when you may feel it is necessary to intervene to get a discussion back on track.

Guiding and Motivating

Supporting students to progress in their learning online can be challenging. In this unit, we will explore techniques for guiding and motivating students.

Alternative Online Technologies

Students use an array of social media technologies to engage with each other and the world. Knowing how to use these yourself can make a world of difference.

Evaluating Your Effectiveness

Having a clear sense of your own facilitation styles and abilities will help you to support students most effectively. In this unit, we are going to ask ourselves how well you are actually supporting asynchronous learners.

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