COLLABORATE: Supporting Learning Among Learners



Designing for Peer Learning

This unit introduces the concept of peer learning, how to encourage students to see each other as a valuable learning resource.

Peer Review

Using peer review as a learning tool, for peer feedback and for transferable skills development.

Co-construction in Learning

Group work is synonymous with contemporary social constructivist ideals of education. Does it work? How to make it work better.

Developing affective skills in students

The affective domain of educational objectives refers to ‘skills’ developed with respect to personal and interpersonal values. These are key to professional life, the ability to critique supportively, to listen and empathise, are all affective skills.

Managing Cohorts

Working with groups of students can be challenging in any context when the students are online, and particularly at a distance, this presents other challenges. This unit explores some possible solutions.

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