ASSESS: Assessing Online Students



Alignment of the ILOs

Working with a constructively aligned module and programme means that your ILOs are properly written, assessed and that you teach to ensure students can evidence achievement of them. Here’s how.

Balancing formative and summative assessments

There is nothing students dislike final assessments that represent a surprise! Using formative assessments to allow students to rehearse final assessments requires a careful balance but one that is achievable.

Using rubrics and marking practices

Working online requires even greater clarity to be provided to students, and fellow teachers, and we advocate the use of marking rubrics to support your assessment processes, not least marking.

Designing alternative assessments

Online practices may require modifications to your traditional approach to assessment but it is always good practice to consider what alternative assessment forms might be possible to allow for resits and accessibility considerations.

Giving a ‘take-away’ to students

It is considered good practice for online students to have a ‘take-away’ from their learning on your specific module or unit. What can you do to design a practical ‘take-away’ for your students? Here are a few suggestions.

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