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Course Design Team Retreat Notes and T&C


Phones and Social Media

All sessions are run in a cabaret setup on a variation of the World Café format and are run under Chatham House Rule conditions (Chatham House Rule). Consequently, delegates are asked to be thoughtful as to the use of social media during the retreat. Sharing is encouraged but discretion is advised and will be discussed during the first evening's orientation session after dinner.

By attending you are agreeing to be photographed by any other attendees in the course of any sessions. If this presents a problem please advise us in advance.

Twitter handles are given to each retreat and delegates are encouraged to tweet and Instagram. There is ubiquitous WI-FI throughout the venue.

Whilst participants are encouraged to make use of their ability to connect in the context of the sessions, please be prepared to turn off your phone and email functions, at least for the duration of sessions (at most that will mean being off-the-grid four hours!). If you MUST email or phone you are asked to leave the session to do so. Obviously, if you have care commitments that require being contactable, those are respected but we do respectfully ask that you give yourself and others your full attention to the sessions.

Individuals and Teams

All sessions are run as collegially as possible. There are no competitive activities (not even building the highest tower out of newspapers!). There are no awkward ice-breakers.

A team 'Leader' should be defined at the outset of the sessions. Their responsibilities are largely self-defined but it is useful for us to have someone in such a role.

Delegates are asked to display a name tag with their first name, surname and institution throughout all sessions. These will be provided as lanyards (so no damage to clothing!)


Copyrighted materials will be shared at the time of your arrival. This ordinarily consists of a printed spiral bound workbook and associated looseleaf activities as appropriate. The workbook will have an ISBN and you are welcome to cite and reference them as published books in any subsequent scholarship. Same rules of reproduction apply as to any other published work. You are encouraged to share these materials with colleagues outside of your team but not to reproduce them in full.

Other supporting material, such as Posters, A1 or A2, will be provided as rolled and in hard tubes. One for each individual in the team.

PowerPoints, where used as part of the facilitation, are not distributed. The majority of their content is already contained in your printed workbook.

Team Generated Content

Materials that have been generated as a result of workshop activity remain the copyright of you and your institution.


As part of our continuous enhancement processes, we engage in scholarship as a consequence of our engagement with these retreats. No participants are ever identified by name or institution in any scholarship that results in your participation. However, by attending you are consenting to your contributions being referenced under the Chatham House Rule.


No dress code. Just be aware that other guests at the venue will see you and you'll be identifiable! Be comfortable.


Details will be forwarded depending on the venue.

Terms and Conditions

Cancellation by us

If we are compelled to cancel the event we will refund your deposit or registration fee in full. We do not accept any liability for other expenses you may have incurred (so coming as a group in a single car may be the best travel option). In the unlikely event that we are forced to cancel we will always give as much notice as possible.

Cancellation by you

If you cancel your team’s attendance at the event and provide 30 days notice your deposit will be returned in full. After this date your deposit is non-refundable. You must cancel in writing (email) and make sure you have had this correspondence acknowledged to be eligible for a refund.

If you cancel your attendance at any time after 30 days prior to the event or fail to appear,  you are liable for the full cost which will be invoiced 7 days before the event; unless there is a team on the waiting list or you are able to identify an alternative team to take your place. We will always try and fill your places in these circumstances.

No partial refunds are available should one of your team members not appear. The venue is a commercial venture run in a very professional manner and their costs must be met.

We ask respectfully that you make all enquiries through us and not the venue's staff. You do not need to notify them of any non-arrivals but you should ensure we are aware.

Payment and Invoicing

At the time of reserving your team place, you are invited to provide a purchase order number. You can be invoiced without one but please ensure that you follow your institution's processes.

  • All payments must be made electronically online
  • Credit Card (Paypal) or BACS Transfer options are available
  • Expression of Interest will generate an invoice for a 50% deposit (£950) payable within 30 days - to secure venue places.
  • Your team's place is not reserved until the deposit has been paid.
  • The balance will be invoiced 7 days prior to the Retreat with 30 days to pay.
  • Total cost per team of four is £1899


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