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In-house Workshop Space

Here are some broad guidelines on setting up an ideal workshop space. Everything will depend on the available space you have in your institution. This is simply a visual aid for those unfamiliar with the 'cabaret' set-up.

What is important is that:

A Tables should be large enough for four or five people to work around comfortably. Whist they do NOT necessarily need to be circular tables, squares also work well, be careful about long narrow rectangles as stand alone table.
B Chairs need to be comfortable enough for people working and sitting for up to 90 minutes at a time although there is opportunity to stand too.
C Windows are a MUST. No-one can concentrate in a windowless room for even a couple of hours, so a 5-day workshop in a windowless room is inconceivable to me.
D There should be room for people to stand between tables, to mingle and observe the work of others. I also need to be able to access any individual at any table.
E Means of digital projection. A fixed data show/projector (ideally ceiling mounted), a display surface (projection screen) and either a computer station or a means of connecting my laptop. Wireless internet is preferable.


Plan of Optimal Workshop Space
Plan of Optimal Workshop Space


3D Representation of Optimal Workshop Space
3D Representation of Optimal Workshop Space
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