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In-House Workshop Prices


Simon in Workshop

How are Workshops costed?

  • There are different prices for OECD/BRICS countries and others to suit national costs and affordability
  • The price of workshops is based on the belief that attendees are already part of a design team (real or simulated).
  • The full '5-day' variant (shorter programmes require negotiation and guidance is available below)
  • A 'Design Team' is usually four or five individuals.
  • Workshops are based on a minimum of 3 teams (12 people) to a maximum of 10 teams (40 people)

Travel and Accommodation Costs

Because I recognise that some institutions have on-campus accommodation or have negotiated specialised rates with local accommodation, and others have internal travel organisers, there are two pricing structures. The price per person is based on who organises all travel, subsistence and accommodation for me.

Pricing for Shorter Workshops

There is a simple scale for those whose institutional diaries cannot allow for five-day workshop. Please note that shortening workshops is achieved by 'omission' not 'compression'. This will require some careful advanced planning.

  • Minimum attendance (12) and maximum (25) still stands.
  • Accommodation is required night before the first day and after final day.*
  • All prices will be quoted in NZ dollars and should be reimbursed via bank transfer.

Institution's Responsibilities

Booking Institution should please;

  • Nominate a key contact and a second 'back-up' contact at the time of reserving dates.
  • Ensure that suitable workshop accommodation is provided. Ideally the same space for the entire workshop. Guidance will be offered but a preferred configuration is available here.
  • Ensure that there is an active wireless connection in the workshop space, that all participants and I have access throughout the workshop.
  • Ensure that all participants are provided with name labels that they can wear on their lapel. First names most important. No job roles are required.
  • Ensure that a postal address is provided and that it is appropriate to receive workshop materials in advance (normally 3-5 days in advance)
  • Ensure that all participants are appropriately fed and watered (!). There is no expectation that people have to stay through the 'lunch-break' although it can be helpful to provide an opportunity for people to network over lunch.
  • Identify an individual who is responsible for signing the booking contract and is asked to commit to the minimum attendance and consequently agree the workshop costs in advance. Any increase in attendees without notice will be subsequently charged and workshop materials may be unavailable for those not enrolled at the time the agreement is made.
  • Where the Institution is providing travel and accommodation that they ensure that airport transfers are arranged and the accommodation includes wireless internet access.

Facilitators Responsibilities

As the workshop facilitator I will ensure;

  • The workshop will be a sensational hit (!) Seriously I will do everything I can to make the workshop effective and fun.
  • That the printed materials (in the number previously arranged) will be mailed to the agreed institutional address to arrive at least 3 days before the workshop dates.
  • That accessible materials (S504) are available.
  • That I will be available for at least 30 minutes before each day session starts and for at least 30 minutes after the formal closing of each day to brief/debrief with the Institutional Contact.
  • That a timetable is provided in advance to our agreed parameters (an outline of a typical day is available here)
  • Guidance on Workshop space configuration is given
  • Respond within 48 hours to any email enquiries from the Institutional Contact (or substitute).
  • Provide a cell phone contact for the use of the Institutional Contact (or substitute) in case of urgency.

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