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In-house Capacity for Online

Capacity Development for Online Learning & Teaching

Who is it for? Designed to support both individual faculty and course teams. The five themed workshops amount to a possible full five-day series. They provide faculty who are new to teaching and learning online with the skills and abilities to adapt successfully to this mode or extend existing skills. Shorter versions are negotiable. Each theme requires a full day to explore. (Full day is a minimum of 09:30-16:30)

Simon delivering a workshop


  • Theme 1 - Institutional Context and On-line Design Principles underpin all the capacity work. We need to understand the nature of our students, our cohorts, our faculty skill-sets and the digital environment that will be provided to students. This theme provides an orientation to any future themes. For providers with a less than well-defined online strategy, this is a useful place to start.
  • Theme 2 - Understanding 'Digital' Students attitudes to communication both in their own social and private spaces and in their world of learning. We also need to understand the distinction between remote-online and online-supported learners. This means exploring some of the scholarship around personal epistemologies and examining students' dispositional, educational, circumstantial and cultural environments and influences
  • Theme 3 - Structure of Learning for Online Courses require some variations regarding the scaffolding and support mechanisms provided. Whichever digital platform you intend using (Moodle, Sakai, Blackboard, etc) there are constraints and opportunities that need to be explored.
  • Theme 4 - Designing Online Learning Activities is closely related to the intended learning outcomes for your course. We will examine the way in which the active verbs used in designing outcomes can feed directly into the design for meaningful online activities. We will also explore the lessons learnt from my work of the DiAL-e Project (Digital Artefacts for Learner Engagement)
  • Theme 5 - Designing Online Assessment will depend largely on your regulatory context and the technological capabilities of your students and your institution. We will explore how best to assess the outcomes of your courses in a digital form regardless of the discipline.

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