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In-House Workshops

Available Internationally

In-house workshops are those sessions which are hosted by you in your institution.

  • A suitable venue is required. Please see the layouts suggested.
  • All formats are negotiable.
  • Fees are also flexible. Please see the following for guidance on costs.

There are examples of week-long structures for concentrate faculty development sessions either around course design and curriculum development and on the capacity for online learning.

Please ask for more details of any of the following one-day workshops, any combination of which is possible to provide value for internationally hosted events:


  • Introduction to teaching in higher education (Faculty)
  • How students learn: how we teach and the gap in the middle (Faculty)
  • Foundations for learning and teaching strategy development (Strategy)
  • Institutional context and going online (Strategy)


  • POISE: Developing learning for diverse international cohorts (Faculty)
  • Profiling students for orientation, progression and retention (Faculty)
  • Horizon scanning and foresight for discipline and professional learning (Faculty)
  • Understanding 'digital' students (Faculty)
  • Structure of learning for online courses (Faculty)
  • Structuring classroom interactions (Faculty)
  • Inclusivity and diversity in teaching approaches (Faculty)

Media, Online and Digital Learning

  • Making media choices, reusability and repurposing (Faculty/IT)
  • Designing online learning activities (Faculty)
  • Designing online assessment (Faculty)

Course Design

  • Designing effective intended learning outcomes (Faculty)
  • Designing meaningful assessment (Faculty)
  • Designing aligned learning and teaching activities (Faculty)
  • Building feedback throughout your courses (Faculty)
  • Evaluating the quality of teaching and learning during and after courses (Faculty)

Faculty Focussed

  • The evolving role of the university teacher (Faculty)
  • Teaching as performance: developing your stagecraft (Faculty)
  • Developing reflective practice (Faculty)
  • Publishing your practice-based scholarship (Faculty)


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