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Course Design Team Retreat (two-day retreat) [MORE]

Bring a team of four colleagues to a two-day course design retreat to a comfortable and relaxing venue and you could go away with a completed programme design. Taking time away from the office and seminar room to work with your colleagues will be time well spent.

Learning Design Workshops (one day) [MORE]

Focus on one or more aspects of your course design at a one-day workshop. Designed to explore one or more dimensions of the 8-Stage Learning Design Framework. This is a comprehensive step-by-step process to ensure programmes are constructively aligned and meets both institutional QA/QE requirements and the needs of future students.

In-house: International / Institutional Tailored Workshops (one to five days depending on you) [MORE]

Non-UK based institutions are invited to work with their internal colleagues, educational and staff development units, Deans of Learning & Teaching or Learning Media Groups, to tailor thier workshop needs. All costs for tailored in-house workshops are negotiable depending on group size and contextual complexity. All interventions are responses to an institutional brief, and all are negotiated to meet pre-defined strategic needs.

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