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Review Prices

How is Remote Review and Guidance Costed?

  • Prices are based on a sliding scale depending on the 'size' of the portfolio (how many modules or programmes are reviewed) in any given year. This is to allow for time to familiarise with national and institutional contexts initially.
  • As a benchmark, I will use the UK structure of 100 hours of notional student study hours to equate to 10 undergraduate credits, 120 credits for a complete year of undergraduate study, 360 credits for a three-year degree, etc. We can discuss how this is mapped to your context to allow for different forms of learning (distance, apprenticeships, etc) and levels (foundational, postgraduate, etc).
  • Maximum participation at any web-conference is eight (8).
  • Patterns of charging are negotiable.
  • All prices are in US dollars.


Level of Support Up to 360 Credits or equivalent Between 360 and 1440 Credits of equivalent Between 1440 and 2880 Credits or equivalent
A: 1400 3500 6125
B: 2450 6125 10700
C: 4280 10700 18725

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