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Course Reviews

Remote Programme or Course Reviews and Guidance

Who is it for? Not every institution has a network of external reviewers and not all external reviewers are necessarily experienced in the intricacies of constructive alignment. In these cases, you may benefit from an 'external viewpoint'. This consultancy support ordinarily does not require a site visit, which dramatically reduces costs. Prices will vary according to where in the world the programme is delivered. See Review and Guidance Prices here

  • A: Preliminary Review and Guidance - ordinarily this would involve reviewing a complete set of documentation before internal validation at your institution. You will be required to send all supporting documents (Institutional Handbooks, General Academic Regulations, Teaching and Assessment Policies, Quality Assurance Guidelines), either as PDF (no hard copy) or accessible web links. I will then align the programme with international best practice using the 8-stage learning design model and provide detailed guidance.
  • B: Two-Step Review and Guidance - in addition to the above support A:, I will also organise a single web-conference (via Skype, Zoom or equivalent) to discuss issues that have arisen from the process. I will then re-visit the validation documentation again before an external review (or after approval if your national regulations allow for a single step process) and provide further guidance to process documentation and designs to the next stage.
  • C: Full Review and Guidance - as well as the support offered under B:, I will be available for up to four virtual consultancies at any point in the programme or module design process. These one-hour web-conferences (via Skype, Zoom or equivalent) can discuss any aspects of the design process that have been notified to me at least 48 hours in advance.

If I can help you or your institution in any way please get in contact.

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