How Sijen Courses work

Sijen courses are hosted outside of this WordPress site. They are on a seperate Moodle instance at

I have chosen to use the Tiles format, developed by David Watson, who I had the pleasure of working with at BPP University. I think it’s a great structured interface and allows the learner themselves to track completion in a really transparent way.

Currently the course ‘Designing Effective Intended Learning Outcomes’ is free, until 14th January 2023. Join us.

Author: Simon Paul Atkinson

30 years as an educational strategist, academic practitioner and developer, educational developer, educational technologist, and e-learning researcher. Simon is now an Educational Strategic Consultant. An experienced presenter and workshop facilitator. Previous roles include Head of Learning Design at the Open Polytechnic of New Zealand, Associate Dean for Teaching and Learning (BPP University), Academic Developer (London School of Economics), Director of Teaching and Learning (Massey University - College of Education), Head of Centre for Learning Development (University of Hull), Academic Developer (Open University UK)

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