New Course: Introduction to Five Educational Domains

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It is my pleasure to share a passion for educational taxonomies and their usefulness in course design and learning & teaching practice.
This short course is on educational taxonomies.
Everyone’s familiar with Benjamin Bloom’s cognitive taxonomy which covers the intellectual skills most prized by formal education systems. Less well known are a range of other taxonomies that reflect other skills and attributes that graduates are increasingly expected to demonstrate.
In this course, we’re going to explore what an educational taxonomy is, how it is best thought of as a progressive taxonomy ( taking students through levels of achievement), and then we’re going to explore the five educational domains. The Affective, Psychomotor, Interpersonal, Metacognitive, and the Cognitive.
And we reflect on how important they are in providing a well-rounded experience, valued by both students and their future employers.
This course is extracted from a longer course, entitled, ‘Designing Effective Intended Learning Outcomes’. And so at the end of this short course, you can access a discount, should you wish to enrol on the longer course. See the course here.

Author: Simon Paul Atkinson

30 years as an educational strategist, academic practitioner and developer, educational developer, educational technologist, and e-learning researcher. Simon is now an Educational Strategic Consultant. An experienced presenter and workshop facilitator. Previous roles include Head of Learning Design at the Open Polytechnic of New Zealand, Associate Dean for Teaching and Learning (BPP University), Academic Developer (London School of Economics), Director of Teaching and Learning (Massey University - College of Education), Head of Centre for Learning Development (University of Hull), Academic Developer (Open University UK)

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